MORELO Catalogus

MORELO stands for first-class motorhomes that are among the best in the world. A MORELO is always a statement of wanderlust, excellent comfort and superior quality. A MORELO means the feeling of being at home anywhere in the world. Or, in short, a MORELO is something truly special – Made in Germany. This philosophy has helped us transform into one of the most successful luxury motorhome manufacturers in Europe in just a few short years. The friendly atmosphere, lively individuality, our determination, and our many years of experience all contribute to strengthening the brand. And while we may not have entirely expected this level of success in such a short time when we set out for the Caravan Salon trade fair in 2010 with just a few prototypes, we always had faith in our approach. The combination of these factors is what makes MORELO truly special. But this alone is not what makes us unique. We did not set out to build motorhomes to get rich - we started doing this because there is nothing else we would rather do. After all, there is nothing better than to pack your belongings and get away for a few days - or, even better, a few weeks - and to travel through Scandinavia, discover southern Italy or take a trip to Portugal. This love for motorhomes is within us and in every MORELO. WHAT IS AT THE CORE OF MORELO?